Danny Walsh


Currently, Danny is the Director of Marching Band and Winter Programs for Anderson High School and Davidson Middle School for the Southgate Community Schools, and Ovation Winter Guard. Southgate has several successful programs including its Marching Band, 3 Winter Guards and a Winter Percussion team. When not wearing his Southgate hat, Danny works in a fitness supply company in Ann Arbor called Creative Health Products, where he works in the Customer Care and Sales Dept.

Danny is originally from Daytona Beach, FL but moved to Michigan quite young. He graduated from East Detroit High School and then studied Music Education at Eastern Michigan University where he marched for several years. Danny then marched with the Glassmen Drum and Bugle Corps, and has since played with countless brass ensembles, sang in several choirs, and worked many band camps. He has had the pleasure of watching hundreds of students graduate in his over 10 year tenure with Southgate. Danny currently writes drill for several bands around the area and consults with several other bands as well. He also trained to become a Judge with the CSJA (Central States Judging Association).

Danny’s teaching/coaching philosophy is simple: Build great people first, build great performers second. He focuses on making a difference through student leadership, rather than forcing ideas and ideals onto a group of students. It doesn’t happen overnight and that isn’t the expectation, but if you invest in making a difference in the right ways, it is incredible to watch.